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Amazing Defenders is the next 3-theme booster pack following Tactical Masters and The Grand Creators. It's a 60-card version of the 45-card OCG-only Deck Build Pack: Amazing Defenders and it contains three new themes plus a handy selection of reprints.



Amazing Defenders Booster Box [1st Edition]

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Amazing Defenders Booster Pack [1st Edition]

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Each pack of Amazing Defenders contains seven cards: one Super Rare or Ultra Rare, and six Rare cards. You can also find fifteen Collector's Rare variants of cards in the main set, and we'll keep you posted right here, as we learn more about which cards are arriving in the set's top rarity.

What's The Release Date For Amazing Defenders?

You can get your hands on Amazing Defenders in early 2023 as the first major TCG release of the year. Here's the full schedule for release:

  • Official Tournament Store Release: 01/18/2023
  • Full Release: 01/20/2023