Investor Inquiries

Want to invest in comics? We can help, here at Poor Boy Comics we offer many ways to invest in Comics without having to do all the work. 

We have many ways we can invest your hard earned money for a modest ROR (Rate of Return). With our Brick & Mortar Store this allows us to carry items that many would not want to have in-stock. With our store open this allows us to sell items 7 days a week insteasd of being a weekend retailer or doing a Convention once every 2-3 months. Which allows us to sell items at a faster rate. 

THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK GIG! This venture can add extra income to your portfolio, or it can be a one time flip. The opition is yours to make.

For more information please call the Store at: (725) 777-3165 or stop by and speak to us in person.

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